Welcome to the Train Pegasus website! Before you go through the site, please read our important Information. If you are looking for a Dallas running group in the mornings stop by and join us!We are a group of runners in pursuit of PRs, BQs, and most importantly - having fun! Through our shared passion, camaraderie, and accountability, we strive to improve continuously.

Saturday Long RunLocation Time:
Date: 7/20/24 - 6AM
3216 Knox St
Dallas, TX 75205


We have had new runners join Train Pegasus recently. We are thrilled to watch our group grow. It’s exciting to see everyone support each other, whether it’s experienced marathoners or newcomers.

To answer some common questions we get from new runners:Do I have to pay to run with Train Pegasus?Absolutely NOT! Everyone can run with the group for FREE. Feel welcome to drop in anytime regardless of what group you represent. We are here to support the running community.Do I have to be coached by Train Pegasus to join group runs?No, our group is open to EVERYONE! We have several runners who either have another coach or follow a different plan. Whether you use our coaching services to achieve your goals, we encourage you to join us for a run! Go to the Weekly Runs section of our website for more information about our group runs.Is it required to run with Train Pegasus to get coaching?No. Fonz coaches several runners throughout the states.I'm slower than most of the runners. Can I still join the group runs?Of course! Our growing group has varying paces. Also, we will pair you with someone who knows the route. Lastly, everyone must start somewhere. Recovery runs are good days to come out for 4 miles, check the weekly runs.We hope this is helpful! Everything we mentioned above (and more) is here on the site. Have a question we didn't cover? Our Instagram (@trainpegasus) DMs are always open!Sincerely,
Train Pegasus

Apparel Order

Shop for apparel at Wear Pegasus (@wearpegasus).See below for some of the available apparel items.

*Note: Hats and T-Shirts available.

Please contact us via email (info@trainpegasus.com) if you have any questions.


Train Pegasus is more than a running group - it's a mindset and attitude dedicated to improving every day. Train Pegasus was started for Fonz athletes to bring his runners together and encourage each other to be their best. Train Pegasus, since then has grown an amount of interest. Fonz vision was not just his athletes to be apart of the group, but also to bring the running community together and welcome everyone. We are better runners and better friends through our shared passion for running in the community.

We compete and spectate in several local races. We also travel as a group to races (Boston being our personal favorite 💙💛🦄). We train hard and recover harder. You can find us "recovering" at local coffee shops, our favorite breakfast spots, and happy hours.In Summary, we run because we love the journey and process of improving. And most importantly, we have fun running together. Come run with us and see for yourself!


To run with the group is FREE, but if you are looking for guidance to help you achieve a personal race goal. Race plans are only available per request only.Want to sign up for a race plan? Send us a message and we can set up a time to discuss your current training level, goals, pricing, and answer your questions.For coaching plan options contact us via Email or Instagram.

Head Coach Fonz

Fonz has been coaching since 2016 independently while guiding over 140+ runners internationally . He has help several runners achieve their goals towards Boston or personal best. Coach Fonz has run 28 marathons, which include 8 Boston marathons. He has a passion for the running community and helping others achieve their personal running goals.

Coach Jill Wolf

Jill who has been coach by Fonz for over 6 years, helps with coaching athletes and event coordinating. Jill has run 11 marathons, including 4 Boston marathons. Jill also has won her hometown race at the BMW Dallas marathon in 2023. She has a passion for running and helping others achieve their running goals.

Weekly Runs

Monday/ Friday/Sunday Morning ( Recovery Social Run)

6:00 am 4 Miles at:
Starbucks on Knox (aka "StarKnox" 3216 Knox St, Dallas, TX 75205)

Tuesday Morning (Track or Hills)

5:15 am 8 Miles at
StarKnox (3216 Knox St, Dallas, TX 75205)

Wednesday Morning (Social Run with Luke's Locker Store)

6:00 am 6 Miles at
Luke's Locker (3046 Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75205)

Thursday Morning (Tempo/Workout)

5:15 am 8 Miles at
StarKnox (3216 Knox St, Dallas, TX 75205)

Saturday Morning (Long Run)

6:00 amWe rotate Saturday starting locations to enjoy various parts of Dallas.The best way to find our long run location is to:
1) We update the location on our Home Page weekly.
2) Follow us @trainpegasus on Instagram
3) Join the Train Pegasus Strava club
4) Send us a DM on Instagram (@trainpegasus)

Social Hour

Feel free to join us for happy hour and get to know the runners! Whether you're new, interested in joining, or a coached athlete, everyone is welcome to join!Follow us on Instagram (@trainpegasus) or join the Train Pegasus Strava club to find more details about Happy Hour :)

Group RUNS

Below are pictures from past group runs which have been posted on our Instagram page.If you have any questions or want to learn more about the running group or coaching? Send them our way via email (info@trainpegasus.com) or Instagram DM (@trainpegasus)!

Landon Yeager

"I live in Dallas with my wife Heather, and two children Evelyn
(10) and Isaac (7). Heather and I are both full-time finance
professionals and both enjoy running. We spend most of our
free time managing the chaos of our kids' sporting events and
school activities!"
How did you get into running?"I've been running for about 15 years. I signed up to run my
first half-marathon in 2008 and was hooked immediately. I ran
my first marathon later in the year (Dallas Marathon) and have
run 9 marathons and over 20 half-marathons since 2008."
Recent performances/PRsMarathon PR - Houston Marathon 2022: 2:57:06
Half Marathon PR - St. George Half-marathon 2021: 1:23:28
5K PR - Form Follows Fitness 5K 2022 - 18:02
Favorite race"Houston Marathon is currently my favorite, but plan to run
New York City Marathon in 2022 and Boston Marathon in 2023,
so we'll see."
Advice for someone new to running?"Maintain consistency over a long period of time. Avoid
training and nutrition fads and find what works for you."
__What do you like to do outside of running?__"I enjoy cycling, watching kids' sports, and eating at our favorite
local restaurants."

Jodi Jordan

"I have a pretty awesome daughter (Parker, 5) and son (Finn, 3) who are very fun and occasionally well behaved. I am a Data and Marketing Director at Racing Systems, a DFW racing company. My husband, also an athlete, and I spend our time balancing kids' activities, our activities, work and play."How did you get into running?"I started running with a girlfriend, shortly after college. We joined a running group, with the goal of running our first marathon together. I have been running ever since. "Recent performances/PRsMarathon PR - St. George Marathon 2021 - 3:04:16
Half Marathon PR - Cowtown Half Marathon 2022 - 1:24:32
5K PR - Form Follows Fitness 5K 2022 - 18:27
IRONMAN 70.3 PR - IRONMAN Maine - 5:07:52
Favorite race"Houston - It is very well organized, great crowd support, and just easy!"Advice for someone new to running?"Get a coach, find an accountability buddy, fuel your body properly, protect your sleep and keep races on the calendar so that you stay motivated."__What do you like to do outside of running?__"I swim and cycle in addition and compete in triathlons in addition to running. I also have a passion for nutrition and preparing healthy snacks and meals. I do most of my training in the early morning, so that my activities don't interfere with family life."

Jill Sweress

"I am an (almost) 30-year-old Ohio Native from a small town in the Cleveland area. I attended college at Miami University of Ohio where I received a degree in Sports Management in 2014. I have been down in Dallas since 2016 and used to work for the Dallas Cowboys."How did you get into running?"I got into running in middle school at the suggestion of my father who wanted me to use Cross Country as a way to cross-train for soccer. After that first season, I quickly realized that I was better at just the running portion than soccer itself. I competed all through high school on the varsity squad but chose to take a break in college. When I moved to Columbus in 2015 after college, I realized I missed running and signed up for my first half marathon. And the rest is history."Recent performances/PRsMarathon PR – Houston Marathon 2022: 2:59:46
Half Marathon PR – Unofficial (Houston Marathon second half split): 1:27:07
Official – Irving Half Marathon: 1:28:28
Favorite race"Ah, this is a hard one. I have two really. Houston has been my PR marathon course for 2 years in a row and is such a well-put-together race. BUT Boston is just iconic. It’s so hard to beat the love the city has around the race. And of course, there is no better feeling than finishing on Boylston."Advice for someone new to running?"Consistency is key. It might seem daunting now but I promise if you keep showing up, the results will come. Anything is possible."__What do you like to do outside of running?__"I am a big bookworm. I probably read close to a book a week (add a patio and a perfectly sunny day and I am in heaven). I also enjoy just being outside hanging with the people to who I’m closest to."

Upcoming Races

Upcoming races our athletes are training for:

Houston MarathonJanuary 14, 2014Houston, TX
Cowtown MarathonFebruary 25, 2024Fort Worth, TX
Woodlands MarathonMarch 2, 2024The Woodlands, TX
Tokyo MarathonMarch 3, 2024Tokyo, Japan
Irving MarathonMarch 30, 2024Irving, TX
Mt Charleston MarathonApril 6, 2024Las Vegas, NV
Boston MarathonApril 15, 2024Boston, MA
Eugene MarathonApril 28, 2014Eugene, OR
Berlin MarathonSeptember 24, 2024Berlin, London
Chicago MarathonOctober 13, 2024Chicago, IL
NYC MarathonNovember 3, 2024New York, NY
CIM MarathonDecember 8, 2024Sacramento, CA
Dallas MarathonDecember 15, 2024Dallas, TX

Are you running any of the same races? Join one of our weekly runs to train with us!Send us an e-mail (info@trainpegasus.com) or DM us on Instagram (@trainpegasus) if you have any questions. We appreciate all inquiries and do our best to respond as quickly as possible.


Send us an e-mail (info@trainpegasus.com) if you have any questions. We appreciate all inquiries and do our best to respond as quickly as possible.If you DM us on Instagram (@trainpegasus), you will get a quicker response!